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I am not gonna live within the limitations of YOUR Mind

I don't know about you, but this happens to me all the time. I have this great idea, I feel on fire and ready to go ALL in. To give it my all. And then I share my terrific idea with my husband or a friend and they give me THAT LOOK. 

They don't get it. They can't see it. And I shrink. I feel unseen.

I really don't like this feeling. 

But what the f* is actually happening? Right, I look for approval on the outside. I want someone to validate how I feel and what I want to do. I want someone to tell me, that I am seen, heard and good enough.

And then I am upset when they don't give me what I want from them. 

Truth is: This has nothing to do with the other person. This has everything to do with me. 

Let me explain: My Calling, my unique design (I am talking about human design), was never meant for someone else, but myself. This wasn't a group call! It always was private. 

But we are, especially as women, so trained and conditioned to be liked, to be the good girl, to behave and be tamed, that we are scared to death if someone doesn't like what we are saying. 

I wan't you (and myself) to know, that it's ok. This happened to all of us. But as my mentor Kathrin Zenkina always says: Awareness is everything!

The moment we recognize these patterns, is the moment we are able to change. 

I grew up in a lineage of incredibly strong women. My Grandmother was a true matriarch. But so often this strength came in the negation of the masculine. 

True strength doesn't need to negate anyone. The moment you stand strong within yourself, rooted in love and trust, is the moment you are able to see beyond limitations and fear. You are able to speak your truth, without the need to fight. It simply is. You decide, and so it is. 

That's all. 

Your Ego might be screaming right now. Let her. She is scared of your power. 

But the truth is, it's that simple. 

You don't need the approval from anyone else, but yourself. If it doesn't feel right, it isn't. If it sets your soul on fire - it's in alignment. 

Everything else is a fear based pattern and it's a made-up, fucked-up lie someone told you, and you made it true for yourself. 

So, no: I will not live within the limitations of the mind of someone else. 

This is true Selflove. And if I a love and approve of myself fiercely, I give others the chance to do the same. 

Together we go far. 

Love Always, 


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