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How to create a vision board

I'm sure you have heard of vision boards before. But what are they exactly and how can they support you on your Selflove journey? 

This is what you'll learn in this article. 

Before you start, the most important thing about manifestation is the energy behind it. If you create out of a feeling of not good enough, lack and want - you will create more of this. And having your vision manifested won't change the way you feel. 

So the first and most important thing about all of this is to feel gratitude right now. Trust me, I've been there and I know this sounds confusing.

So let me explain. 

Everything is energy. The energy from which we create, is the energy our creation will carry. So, when you keep telling yourself, that you can only feel grateful once you have the car, the baby, the man...your in the energy of not having it.

And this will only create more 'not having'.

But, if you start to feel grateful for all the things you DO HAVE IN THE NOW, your energy changes. 

You don't NEED anything to feel good, but you DESIRE it.

That is a totally different vibe. You feel good now, and your manifestation will make you feel even better. But you will still be a whole, perfect, loving person, even if your manifestation is delate or comes in a different way.

Note: It is always THIS or SOMETHING BETTER!

So, how do you create a vision board out of desire - not from lack.

1. Create a quite space for yourself. Feel into the vision you have for yourself. If you have a hard time to calm down and soothe the noice in your mind, The Dreami Candle is the perfect support for you. 

What comes up for you? What do you see? How do you want to feel? Where do you live, what do you wear? What foods do you eat?

It is important to get really clear. Hold this energy, hold that vibe and the pictures of this. 

2. Search the internet for pictures that represent your vision. They don't have to be exactly the same, they can simply be a representation of the things you want to create. 

3. Print them out or create a digital vision board. 

I love to do both. With Canva there are a lot of ways you can create beautiful vision boards for your desktop or smartphone background. Simply search for vision board and they will show you a lot of great options. 

You can also print out the pictures and quotes you want on your board and create a big picture. 

4. Feel into the vision

The vision board you created holds a certain energy. This is the energy of your future-self, you want to call in today. When you look at your vision board, call in this energy. Feel the feeling of this, already being your reality. 

The more you can call in and be in this energy, the quicker this will be your reality. 

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